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Driving Innovation in Coatings

Road and bridge coatings include primarily traffic marking paint, but also other coatings used to protect transportation infrastructure such as bridges and airport structures. These coatings are used in a myriad of protective and specialty applications, including: oil and gas pipelines; road and bridge coatings; electrical equipment, such as motor windings and housings, transformers, and telecommunications equipment; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment; various metal products such as motorcycles, gasoline pumps, and playground equipment.

In this demanding market, traffic coatings must be formulated to withstand harsh conditions including the stress of vehicle traffic and exposure to salt and other de-icing agents, as well as vandalism and graffiti. “Driving Innovations in Coatings” focuses on a number of sustainable technologies including amino methyl propanol, adhesion promoters and hydroexter polyester polyols. These additives offer formulators the right balance of performance and sustainability.